Standard Setting

BFP0260PEFC Ireland has coordinated the establishment of a Forum which has the task of drafting a Forest Management Certification Standard for Ireland in line with the PEFC Council’s requirements.  When the draft standard is completed in early 2010, there will be a period of public consultation and pilot testing, following which the completed standard will be submitted to the PEFC Council for independent assessment, peer review and eventual endorsement.  Once endorsed, owners in Ireland will be able to apply to have their forests certified to the PEFC Irish Forest Management Certification Standard.

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The Forum is structured to comprise a balanced membership of the key stakeholders in the forest and forest products industries, with organisations representative of environmental, social and economic groups.  The members of the Forum are:


  • Tree Council of Ireland
  • The Central Fisheries Board
  • Crann
  • Irish Natural Forestry Foundation (resigned July 2009)


  • The Irish Sports Council
  • The Irish Congress of Trades Unions
  • The Irish Farmers Association
  • The Society of Irish Foresters
  • Leader


  • The Irish Timber Growers Association
  • Coillte Teoranta
  • The Forestry Management Companies
  • Panel Board Mills